Yay!... mentoring options that are perfect for you!

I have created a variety of options for you to choose from. I think you will find the perfect option for you in your photography journey.

Which is best for you?

- Photoshop editing session 2 hours:  This mentoring session is designed to help you learn photoshop, you will see how I edit as well as explore find and develop your own style.  During this session I tell you all my photoshop secrets! This is perfect for beginners (those who are brand new to photoshop) as well as those who have worked with photoshop for years.  During this session we'll talk about different styles and work on the style you are seeking.  You will see me edit images and answer your photoshop questions.  

Hobbyist as well as Seasoned Photographers/Business owners   $250 


-Business Consultations:  This mentoring session is designed for the beginner and those who want to make changes to their current businesses.  We will discuss your current business plan as well as goals for your photography business. Topics included are pricing, marketing, goals, client relations, branding & packaging, and website review. 

1 hour $150    2 hours $250 



- 4 Hours 1:1 Mentoring:  1:1 Mentoring is based on your needs. We will talk in advance of your day to customize the day to fit your needs. Your day will include studio or location shooting (you will pick one), photoshop, a business review,  a photo critique, model shoots. During model shoot you will see first hand how I work with my clients, we'll discuss technical aspects of your equipment, composition, lighting, posing, styling, camera setting.  This is a day packed with hands on learning.  

4 Hours $500


- 7 hours 1:1 Mentoring: This is the everything day! We will shoot in studio as well as on location! Our day will begin bright and early, packed with fun and learning. We will jump right into the business of photography, photoshop, a business review,  a photo critique, pricing, marketing, goals, client relations, branding & packaging, and website review.  Then we will take a break for lunch in studio where we can talk photography while enjoying lunch on me.  In the afternoon we'll do model shoots, studio as well as location shoots.  We will wrap up the day with an editing session of some of the images from our model shoots from the day.

7 Hours  $800

To book a mentoring session please contact me at http://dianekinzerphotography.com/contact.html